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Lawmakers in the state of Washington have succumbed to the pressure of humiliation and scorn, arising from their recent lampooning in

State House says paid surrogacy should be legal

Women in Washington should be allowed to collect money for becoming surrogate mothers, the state House decided Monday.


The Associated Press

OLYMPIA — Women in Washington should be allowed to collect money for becoming surrogate mothers, the state House decided Monday. On a 59-39 vote, lawmakers approved a bill that would allow women be paid for serving as a “gestational surrogate” — meaning they carry a child, but are not its biological mother.

Under the bill, House Bill 2793, surrogates would have to be at least 21 and have previously given birth to a child. Additional requirements include obtaining medical coverage for the pregnancy and immediately after birth, passing mental and physical examinations, and signing a written consent form. Prospective parents also would have to meet certain requirements, including a mental health evaluation and an affidavit from a doctor attesting to a medical need for surrogacy. Gay and lesbian couples, however, wouldn’t need a doctor’s certification.

Just as I was beginning to think that Washington’s lawmakers are a progressive bunch, the story takes a decided turn to the absurd:

Opponents of the bill said introducing money into the decision raises a risk of women becoming “factories” to carry children.

“Money is often a crucial factor that would cause a woman to hire out her body,” said Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton. “Will these women have no identity apart from being a suitcase to carry a developing infant? How far will they be pushed into invisibility as a surrogate?”

Ha. Surrogates pushed into invisibility. That’s a good one. Hasn’t she read this?

Why do I suspect Ms. Smith is a Sarah Palin supporter?

In other Washington state law:

It is illegal to pretend that one’s parents are rich.

It is illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday.

It is  illegal to sleep in an outhouse without the owner’s permission.

In Spokane, Wash., it used to be illegal to interrupt a religious meeting by having a horse race. Thankfully, this onerous law has been repealed.

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The baby is as big as — a speck. Half of a BB.  About the size of this:     .

The baby is also as big as Sarah Palin’s qualifications to be President and Dick Cheney’s interest in the Bill of Rights.

The baby is as big as Paris Hilton’s IQ and Lindsey Lohan’s willpower.

The baby is also as big as the readership of this blog so far.