It’s not often in this existence when you can look back at a moment and say: Yep, that’s EXACTLY when my life changed. The. Exact. Millisecond.

Now everyone has life changing events. The first cries announcing the birth of a son or daughter. The first time you laid eyes on your someday-to-be spouse. The shocking news that a loved one or friend has passed on.

But those kind of milestones are really out of your control. They happen, and that’s that. The memory is signed and sealed. To be stored in the attic of your mind. Occassionally dusted off and savored. Or mourned.

My ‘moment’ is different. This event was just the start, the very beginning. The flash point of a chain reaction. Once started…it just kept growing and growing.

That’s why I look at is as: The Big Bang of Michelle’sAdventure.

It was a sunny winter morning. Michelle and I were enjoying our weekend ritual — enjoying a rare quiet moment, sipping strong steaming coffee from our favorite mugs. And watching the one TV show we watch religiously. CBS Sunday Morning. Religiously being the key word. Michelle have never been able to settle on a church that suits our needs. After years of trying this one and that, we’re to the place where this weekend day is started by the one thing we can agree upon — Charles Osgood’s 90 minute service/pot pourri.

Sunday Morning really is must watch TV in a broadcast wasteland. It’s a marvelous mix of current events and commentary, writen and produced by some of the most skillful journalists on television today. This show is a delighful respite from the cable news shows where each talking head — liberal or conservative — stakes out predictable positions on each topic. I swear that if President Obama today declared: Water is wet — the O’Reilly, Hannitity’s and Limbaugh’s would be instantly challenging that position, and finding a way to link it with, Rev. Wright and higher taxes.

But back to the show: Sunday Morn takes its time with each topic. And the subjects themselves are part of the fun. From critically important issues of the day to the completely absurd, each week Osgood and his clever team present invariably brings up a story or feature that examines important issues with a thoughtful — and thought provoking — report.

And so it was on this Sunday morning, reclining on our bed with the sun streaming through our huge bedroom windows, that we refilled our coffee mugs and settled in to view this:

Ka Boom.

See for yourself: