What exactly is a gestational surrogacy and how does it involve us?

The following are some resources for you to explore. It some of the best articles, essays and websites on the subject. I’ll try to separate between fact and opinion where I can:

Here’s a basic Gestational Surrogacy 101 right here.

And another one from a Surrogacy agency.

This site is constantly updated and is full of information, from true life stories to legal advice.

And if you’re really interested, I recommend checking out this site. This is the organization that we’re involved with — you’ll read much more about them later.

And now for some opinion-laden spaces.

This article from Newsweek is informative but infers that carriers are mostly desperate, poverty threatened women. Especially wives of military men who have been shipped overseas.

This article recounts the true life story of Laurel, a gestational surrogate who offered up her body for a childless friend. The good, the bad….the controversial….it’s all here. 

Then there’s this story from New York Times. It’s a first person account of a woman who turned to a Gestational carrier as a last resort. Some of her comments rub the wrong way — you’ll find them I’m sure. But most of it typifies why couples are turning to women like Michelle to perform this special miracle.

Oh….be sure to read the comments about this story. Obviously this article struck a nerve!

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