So now all we can do is wait. We cross fingers, say a prayer, think positive thoughts….and hope these microscopic cluster of cells decide that they like the neighborhood they’ve been planted in. Decide to put down roots. Stay awhile.

It just takes 10 days for a blood screening to show whether or not the procedure has been successful. So all we can do is follow the doctor’s instructions, be patient, and wait. 

Or, not. Here’s Michelle: 

I’ve never been a patient person. It’s just not me. So I couldn’t wait. As soon as I could, I bought an over the counter pregnancy test and used it just about 6 days after the transfer.

I wasn’t sure about the results. I saw a faint blue line next to the control blue line. That second line means you’re pregnant. So I think that’s a pretty good sign. Maybe it’s just too early. So I should just wait for the official blood test in a few days.

But no, I just couldn’t do that.

chickenpatienceTwo days later I bought another test. This time that second blue line was little darker now. But still I wasn’t sure.

But was I content to just confirm it with the blood test. Of course not! So I just tested again with a differant brand of test and this time it came up positive (pink line)

One more time the next morning….just to be sure and again there’s taht second line. There was no doubt.

It’s on!

I called the IP’s and they are so happy…..probably a little surprised to get the news so soon! But so very happy.  They have a lot going on right now….they just bought a new house and have to settle all the matters of selling, buying, moving, school starting for thier other children and now this….a new baby ( or two)

I went through the motions of the blood test of course. The doctor called me same day of the blood test and gave me the official news….confirmation, your pregnant.  Ha. Tell me something I didn’t know..

Now we just have to make sure that the Hcg numbers keep going up which will mean a very strong pregnancy and then all is good to go.

I dont feel any differant at this moment.

I do feel more relaxed than any other pregnancy that I have had before…maybe because I dont have to worry about designing a nursery, preschool, sleepless nights, colic, diaper changing, teething and everything else that goes on that I just cant remember at the moment.

I have the fun part. (well, until the 9 months is up)

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