Thank you….thankyouverymuch.

Halfway home to filling the GuestWomb Field of 64. If you think our first nominees were something special, you’re in for a treat now.

Our top notch Selection Committee has deliberated long and hard on our next bracket — if that’s what you call bookmarking We’ve come up with 16 luminaries from the world of music, movies and God only knows what else. Without further ado, I present the Elvis Regional Bracket

(1) Bill Cosby vs. (16) Rush Limbaugh. There’s always room for pudding and this tremendous role model for the African American community, against a guy who eats a lot of pudding.

(8) Carrot Top vs. (9) Pee Wee Herman. The scariest thing about this pairing: 

After this game, only 15 other males stand in the way of this winner being part of the ultimate Surrogacy arrangement.

(5) Al Roker vs. (12) David Hasselhoff. Every tournament has one of those matchups where you want both guys to lose. This is the one.

(4) Sigfried & Roy vs. (13) Wayne Newton. It’s fitting that Vegas is well represented in the Elvis bracket.

(6) Fabio vs. (11) Alec Baldwin. How did the muscle bound coverboy merit a #6 seed?

He’s matched against one of the truly great father’s of our time, based on his famous voice mail.

(3) Ozzie Osbourne vs. (14) Dennis Rodman. I guarantee the offspring of either of these two are headed for a lifetime of therapy.

(7) Mr. Rogers vs. (10) Spock. It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood vs. Live long and prosper.

Cardigan sweaters against pointy ears.

(2) Bono vs. (15) Sully Sullenberg. What’s more amazing: Landing an airplane on a river in the middle of NYC without killing anyone? Or going through life wearing those ridiculous sunglasses?

Looking back through this pairings. Uh, wow. I think the Selection Committee was trying to make a statement with these choices. And that statement was:

Are we done yet?

We’ll finish out this prestigious field with the last 16 women, chosen from the world of politics, business and their ability to fog a mirror. We’ll call this the Tila Tequilla Regional.