I’ll get back to the silliness of the Field of 64 in a little bit. But once again, real life has managed to intrude into our fun-and-games.

For one, I managed to give my cat a very bad acid trip. A drug overdose resulting in a trip to the uber-expensive 24 Hour Vet Hospital. Yeah, really. I’ll detail this lovely story another time.

And then a hospital trip of another kind. Not Michelle — the focus of this blog — but my Mom. I was supposed to spend a leisurely 6 days in Oregon on a family visit with my youngest daughter, Sara. But within 45 minutes of my arrival at their home we were headed straight to the Emergency Room.

She had undergone a successful minor throat surgery the previous week in Portland, but the hospital obviously released her too soon. When she got home she didn’t feel like eating or drinking, spending most of her time sleeping on the couch.

An immediate medical intervention was needed, and that’s what I spent most of this week working through. I’m happy to report that she’s on the mend, out of the hospital and gaining her strength back.  

And then there’s the alien life-force that Michelle is carrying. He’s obviously destined for a life as a paint-swapping NASCAR driver. He’s bouncing off her intestines and kidneys at any and all hours now. She’ll have a few choice words about her personal space invader very soon.