Tila Tequilla, left, pre-Internet. At right, second only to Paris Hilton on this blog’s “Most Utterly Useless Person” chart.

Emphasis on the word “party” of course. Because our newest entrant in the ‘Let’s Have A Baby For Somebody Else’ sweepstakes is none other than internet non-personality, Tila Tequilla.

According to various sources, including her own erratic Twitter Feed, the self-made reality starlet announced that she’s says giving the gift of life for Christmas as a surrogate mother for her brother and his wife.

“That is my xmas present to them. I’m pregnant!!!!” Tequilla wrote.

Of course this could all be another publicity stunt. Because just last summer Tequilla started rumors that she was pregnant in a late night Twitter post — which she quickly retracted, probably because someone told her swigging her namesake drink or doing drugs while with child is a big no-no. She must have forgotten that little detail when she agreed to take on this 9-month job.

Tequilla is best known for creating her own importance through collecting ten zillion friends on the formerly-popular site My Space (You DO remember My Space, don’t you? That was Facebook with training wheels).

Once that schtick ran dry, she hosted her own MTV reality/dating/affront to human intelligence show called “Shot at Love” where her bisexuality was played to the hilt.

Now if only Lindsey and Courtney Love can find it in their hearts to do this unselfish act, surrogacy could finally come out of the closet and find its way onto Entertainment Tonight, the E Channel and the gossip tabloids where it belongs! 

Please stay tuned to GuestWomb.com for every late breaking news flash on Tequilla and her own very special surrogacy journey.

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