Less than a week after the New York Times’ article depicting the darker side of surrogacy arrangements, I found this in my Google alert:


It’s an honest account of surrogacy that does a better job in presenting what I believe to be the norm of surrogacies, rather than the exceptions noted in that much-commented upon article.

I say “honest’ because Gina Scanlon — a two time surrogacy veteran — talks briefly on the video about two very different relationships she has with her sets of IPs. She’s an ‘aunt’ to one child, and completely cut off from the other and that saddens her.

And yet despite that heartache…and the invasive tests, drugs and all the rest….she talks about her joy in delivering up a true miracle. “It’s the most amazing thing,” she says.

What I’m discovering as I read more blogs and websites dealing this the subject: Surrogacy is no picnic. A happy ending is not guaranteed. But thoses who approach it with a good heart and intentions usually find happiness at the end of nine months.

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