OK, back to the silliness.

Every so often, while scribbling some new post for GuestWomb, I pause to reflect and ponder:

Why in the hell am I blogging the play-by-play action going on inside Michelle’s internal organs?

This is the next in a series of posts offering a few of the  infinite number of subjects, themes and ideas I could be devoting my valuable keystrokes to. Here are just a few prospects:  

Tiger Tales — Targeted towards the uber rich and high profile who limo among us, ghost-written for a certain world famous golfer,

dispensing hard earned lessons and advice for guys trying to keep it very discreet. Sample posts include:

  • FOREwarned! — Golf Clubs CAN be weapons.
  • Is She Hotter Than Your Wife’s Temper? — Only you can make that call.
  • Cell Phones = Smoking Guns — Her divorce lawyer’s best tool.  
  • Look out, Trojan Man — NOW what can I endorse?

Wrap/Don’t Wrap — a handy checklist for clumsy gift givers who need help confronting that timeless holiday question: Do I really need to wrestle with too-sticky tape, too-sharp scissors and wrinkled ripped paper? Or can I just put in a garbage sack and call it good for that Holiday gift? 

  • Rotweiler — Do not wrap. Under any circumstances.
  • Oven Mitts, Vaccum Cleaner Bags, Toilet Brush — Wrap with yellow pages starting with first listing of: Divorce Lawyer.
  • Private Carribean Island — Wrap with sheets ofuncut $100 bills from the US Treasury, made from Brazilian rain forest trees.
  • .25 ct. Diamond Engagement  — Wrap with newspaper circular from Walmart, K-Mart, or any other store that ends in -Mart.
  • 10 ct. Diamond Engagement Ring — Wrap with Pre-Nup agreement.
  • Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon — Wrap in Bearnaise Sauce and bacon.  Keep for self.

Bubba’s Guide to the Holidays– Forget the Griswolds or the guys doing those synchronized light shows that show up on YouTube. This is the real guy’s guide to celebrating the season:

Start with your outdoor decorations:

Then finish your decorating inside the house.

Pick out that favorite Christmas Sweater….

And how abour a little music to set the mood?