Michelle has a hunch. Or, put another way, she has a feeling ‘in her gut’ about the sex of the baby. In her words:

What is the most talked about subject when having a baby?  Is it a boy or girl….

Even when I was just announcing the news that I was pregnant  — only 10 days pregnant to be precise —  people then were asking boy or girl? Huh? Did they think that because it was a surrogacy that the IPs could specify what they wanted? 

Medical science hasn’t progressed that far — thank goodness. So I guess we will all find out…eventually.

But as the days passed I have been growing more and more uncomfortable with what I was and wasn’t able to eat.  I never had nausea but the heartburn was annoying.  Not enough to keep an entire bottle of Tums with me at all times but at some point every day after every meal…there it was.

My guess,  it has to be a boy.  (Editor’s note — On behalf of men everywhere, I want to protest this outrageous assumption that males = heartburn.)

I never had any of these feelings when I had my two girls.  I know, I know….they say every pregnancy is different. But I almost could put money on it.  It’s gotta be a boy.

We will be finding out within the next two weeks so the wait will not be long. I’m going to have a super ultrasound that’s going to show EVERYTHING.

Now that I am into the 4th month, all of those awful feelings that crept up on a daily basis after mealtime are gone.  I feel great and actually have an appetite.

So the question remains…boy or girl.   The answer will be revealed in two weeks….stay tuned. And now that I feel normal again, it’s back to the gym.

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