There’s one more member of Michelle’s team that needs to be introduced.  Our neighbor Sue, the MVP.

As in Most Valuable Phlebotomist.

That’s technically not true — a phelbotomist draws blood. So we’ll use another P word.


She’s been the go-to shot lady for the  last few months. We’ve covered Michelle’s trials and tribulations with her self adminstered shots. (Ahem, and my candidacy to be the shot giver) But those were just the easy little ones early in the process. Sue, a registered nurse with a local doctors’ office has been there to adminster the more serious injections.

And ‘been there’ is exactly the right term. Rain or shine. Day or night. Weekday or weekend, she has made herself available to adminster these critical drugs. Often she would insist on coming over to our house,  sparing Michelle the trip. And more than a few times Michelle has forgotten about this daily requirement. Her phone would ring — and there was nurse Sue asking when and where.

In short, she’s been invaluable. Here’s Michelle’s take:

I would never have been able to do any of this without the help of my good friend, Sue.

“Sue and I met while on a High School choir trip to England last spring.  Both of our daughters were performing throughout England and we were part of a group of parents accompanying them.  While exploring this new country together, I made a new friend in Sue. And a friend who was also a nurse.”

The only detail I had not given much thought to was who was going to give me my daily injections….I had resigned to just going to my primary as I was not going to give them to myself…nor was my husband even considered as a possible candidate……just the sight of the needle would make him week in the knees. (Hey!… OK, well true.)

I knew that this would be a lengthy process of up to 15 weeks of daily shots, thats everyday incuding weekends!!

So here was my new friend Sue, delivered to me by wonderful happenstance. My friend was so nice to volunteer, even joyful at the thought of helping me become successfully pregnant. But did she know what she was getting herself into?

Not only did we get through those weeks without forgetting one shot, but we truly enjoyed seeing each other, even if it was only for 5 minutes, just enough for a quick jab with a needle.

The time passed and now it was over.  I had to call her as soon as I got the news from the Doctor that I was done, actually done….no more shots.

She thought the time had passed rather quickly, I on the other hand had a different opinion. (OUCH!!)

It will take some time to heal in my hip and thigh areas but it was really not that bad.  I used to be so afraid of shots but not anymore.  Anyone wanting to go through this should not be dreading the worst. A small price to pay and in the end a wonderful gift of life.