What’s in a name? A lot. In fact, I happen to think that a person’s fate..their destiny..is directly influenced by the name that’s attached to them as they go through life.

Would Obama be in the Oval Office right now if his name was:

Percy Obama

 I think not.

So now that’s it’s on….it’s time to offer a few ideas for the IPs to consider. I’ll toss out some possible handles, and then theorize how their life may unfold:

Name: Vincent (Vinny) Maximus  


Childhood Highlights:
Learned to walk at 6 months. Learned to count to 21 at 9 months. Neighborhood candy dealer at age 7.  Learned to play violin, age 10. Began using empty violin case to smuggle stolen Playboys into school, age 10, 1 month. 

What he wants to be when he grows up — age 10:
Professional gambler/ astronaut.

Favorite Sport Growing Up: 7 card stud.  Baseball, but only hitting.

Possible Cruel Nicknames He’ll Endure In School — Skinny Vinny. Candyman. Batman.

Exerpt from High School Yearbook:
“Loved hanging with you in Mr. Allen’s class. Hey — I’ll pay you back that loan just as fast as I can. Just please don’t use your baseball bat on me again. Your best friend forever, Steve”

Over/under on number of fights before 7th grade:

Favorite TV Show Growing Up:
Sopranos reruns. Cops. Celebrity Poker, 24 hour Horse Racing Channel.

Academic Career:
Middling student except for math where he excelled. Upon graduation, promptly enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Internships in Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and at the Bada Bing.

Eventual Occupation: Sr. VP of Exotic Investment Instruments, AIG