8-cell embryo for transfer
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And here’s Michelle’s perspective:

Just a few thoughts for those of you who may consider going through an embryo trasnfer. Either for yourself…or for someone else like I’m doing:

My whole procedure was a breeze.  The nurses make you feel very comfortable and I didnt feel icky about anything.  After all, this was a possible conception, a modern miracle in the making….a product of todays incredible technology.

It really was that simple. Quick. I followed doctor’s orders to the letter. I did stay off of my feet for the rest of the day as hard as it was, because there is always something that I could be doing……Its very hard for me to stay still.

In ten days ( or earlier) we will know for sure if the transfer took and how many since 2 eggs were placed.  This is the last chance for my IP’s to have another child…..These were the last of their fertilized eggs. 

I do feel pressure for this to work out for them, but also that nature has something to say about what works and what doesnt.

They say that the hardest thing now is the waiting…….and it is.

Hopefully my next entry has good news.

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