Michelle shares some thoughts on the eve of the transfer:

“The night before the transfer, I called the IP’s.  They are so looking forward to tomorrow.  Of course everyone hopes that all will go well and that the embryos are viable and healthy.  So much goes into this day, much of which I know nothing about.  I’ve chosen not to think about it too much before now. I too am excited but now I’m thinking ahead. My mind is racing thinking about all the details of the day.

I am very private about my body and just the thought of being naked makes me ill.

But I have to get past that tomorrow. I’ll focus on something else. Something bigger. As far as I am concerned, this is the real gift, my overcoming my intense need to be private.

I hear the that the whole procedure is less than 10 minutes, and then you have to be off of your feet for the rest of the day……not a horrible thought.

In the morning, I will just shower, dress and just think about the great lunch my husband and I will have after…..