So far, the readership of this blog constitues: 1. Not even Blog Heroine has read a word, although I’ve auditioned a few concepts for her. Even though I’m a party of one here, I want to establish on virtual paper exactly where we are.

It’s for my own organization, order or perhaps sanity. But in reality, this entire mission is about timing. Dates and places. Milestones and readings. Checks and rechecks. In other entries we’ll explore more about the process, why it must be so precise in order to make this miracle come together.

For now I’ll give the ultra brief version. Sort of like a DVD on FF>>>>.

January 2009.

Sunday Morning Show.
Michelle’s interest piqued.
Mine too, but tinged with amusement.
Cautious, exploratory phone calls.
Follow up. Faxes.
More phone calls. From screener to search expert.
Emails at a quickening pace.


Formal phone interviews.
Much longer questioinaire and profile
They like her; they REALLY like her.
Still no red flags. Not even a yellow one.
My amusement turns to astonishment.
Time to start the paper chase
Pregnancy records
Hospital records
Records so old that they can’t be found. (Ha.)
Sure this is going to knock her out.
But no.
Now the kids know. They are nonplussed.

March and April

Now it’s up to the Doctors
Checking under the hood.
And still no red flags.
It’s starting become real.
Astonishment turns to acceptance. And then:
The Intended Parents (IPs) are who? What?
I share the story with a couple of people including my boss. Mild surprise to say the least.


Now it gets real.
A day long session at the Fertility Clinic.
First the mind probes. Well, psychological tests anyway.
Good to confirm I’m not a complete psychopath.
Then more tests for Michelle.
Yet another hurdle crossed.
And a face to face with the IPs.
It’s on. Oh, it is so on.


Time to get lawyered up.
25-page document that covers every eventuality.
Well, except for how to hide the perpetual look of amazement on my face that this thing contiues…
At the same time I decide to start this blog. Which may be a book.
Or a movie! (Now you know why the Brad Pitt pic is there…)
We host the IPs for a get to know each other dinner. It’s a great match.


 First things first. Family obligations to fulfill.
Wedding 1, then vacation.
Then Wedding 2.
Her family just doesn’t get it.
Of course, neither does mine but that’s another story.
The IPs show their patience and support.
The blog gets a name and takes shape.

 Which brings us to today. It’s mid-August and if all this seemed like some abstract idea that might or might now happen…. Well, that’s over. We’re starting to think about how this is really going to affect our day to day life.

 For instance…we’re putting our house on HomeExchange.com to see if we can find a way to stay in a European community. But…of course we can’t even plan this until. Oh, gotta count the months… Just lots of stuff like that.

 As this moves from the surreal to the real, I’m still 100% behind the idea. And Michelle? Well I’m sure she’s had a few second thoughts here and there. Especially when it comes time for her daily shots. Yeah, I said daily. What’s more…she gives it to herself.

 What, you expected me, Mr. Squeamish, to handle that job? Didn’t you read the first entry to this blog?

 It’s down to just a few days before the curtain goes up. Nine months of prep. Nine more to go. It’s the halfway point in some ways. But in all honest it’s just the beginning.