The first in a reoccurring series whereby I propose other blog topics and subjects that I’d much rather be spending my night and weekends writing. Why? Because out of billions of possible themes and ideas for my first ever blog, I’ve chosen to write about my wife’s womb, and how it’s going to be busier than O’Hare Airport. And about her daily injections. And her out of control hormones, thanks to said injections. Sigh.

What would I rather be typing right about now?

Brotherhood of the Unraveling Pants — Every man’s quest to hang onto that favorite pair of sweatpants that he wore in college/4 waist sizes ago, and the wives who live to trash them.

Pets Packing SciFi Heat. — Oh wait; that’s already been done:

Teens High On Grass — Dedicated to motivating teens to mow the family lawns, even if every single one of their friends and neighbors employ professional lawn services.
Sample pages: Round and round, or back and forth — it’s your call!  Edging with Pride! Grass Stain Chic.

PASS INTERFERENCE, YOU ASS(*& — Understanding men’s primal urges to scream at the TV during a sporting events, and his unwavering belief that this encouragement/criticism/expletives actually influence the events.