The first in what promises to be a reoccurring feature of GuestWomb where my daughters Emma and Sara get on a Facebook chat about the topic of the day. First up — Mom and her hard-to-self-administer injections.

DAD — So…Mom is having a hard time stabbing herself these days. Wot up with that? How does it make you feel? Why do you think this is happening? What can you do to help? Is it hilarious? Depressing? OK DISCUSS!!!

4:51pm Emma — OK, thats the question we gotta answer.

4:51pm Sarah — ok but did dad just say “wot up”???

4:52pm Emma — Fine, I’ll go first

4:53pm Emma — While I’m kind of annoyed with the fact she can’t do it, I’m sure it must be hard to actually stab yourself with the needle. Even though, I offer to do it for her, I get a little queasy at the thought of it.

4:54pm Sarah — Shes always so stubborn about it, like it isn’t easy but shes been doing this a million times!!

4:54pm Emma — and yes, Dad really did say that.
4:54pm Sarah — 😮

4:55pm Emma — I know. But, again, would you, honestly, be able to do it?

4:55 pm Sarah — I could understand the first time being scared about injecting yourself, but shes just being ridiculous about it. After doing it 20 times i think I’d be okay with it.

She said it didn’t hurt. Then whats wrong with her?!??!

4:57 pm Emma — Exactly. I think once you’ve done it a few times, you’d think you’d be fine with injecting yourself another 20 times!

4:57 pm Sarah — I still think its disgusting

5:01 pm Emma — Me too. But it’s not like she can get a nurse to do it. I mean, she could, but she’d either have to drive all the way out to a doctor’s office or pay one to come over. She has Sue but thats for a different shot and she’s Mom’s friend.

5:02 pm Sarah — true

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