Back when I played golf, I always felt like I got my money’s worth out a round. Not because of any athletic achievement or the thrill of competition. In fact it was my very un-Tiger like ways that gave me this sense of satisfaction.

I got plenty of swings in to be sure. And that gave me the opportunity to see almost every square inch area of the course. The trees and forests. Deep sand traps. Lots of tall grass and brush. And occassionally those flat areas where the grass is really short.

And that’s a good way to introduce our second daughter, Sara. Because she’s playing through life the way I play golf. Left and right. Up and down. Trying out every thing she can from every position or style. Moods. Ideas. Opinions. Friends. Interests.

Some times it’s hard to keep track of. Today she likes one kind of music or food; tomorrow her likes might be on the other end of the spectrum. Like they say about the weather in Hawaii, if you don’t like her attitudes or ideas about something….wait a couple of hours and you’ll find something more to your liking.

All the colors of the rainbow in one very interesting girl. Sara is our full throttle daughter. 13 going on 23. If she could, she’d pass Emma by in age. But in fact she’s benefitted by watching her older sister navigate life. Not always following the same path of course. Now that I think about it….that’s rarely the case. It’s not that she chooses to zig when Emma zags for that reason alone. I think it’s part of her need for constant stimulation.

She’s constantly learning what works and what doesn’t. Like a radar sending out signals and seeing what waves bounce back. It’s the self exploration that has helped develop some of her most remarkable traits. Her deep sense of empathy. Her single minded work ethic. And what I love most — the blazing bright spark of life that she brings to our home. Like a shooting star flaring across our lives.

So here are Sara’s first reactions to this big idea:

When my mom first told me that she would be a surrogate carrier I was confused. I didn’t know what surrogacy meant. It sounded strange.

After being told what it all means, I first thought that we would be the ones who would keep the baby. I was excited about it….but then I learned the whold story. I know that my mom will be holding the baby, not keeping it.

The idea of the whole surrogacy is weird to me. My mom and I have always wanted another child so I wouldn’t be the baby of the family anymore. She thought instead of keeping the baby; let’s give it to someone else. The baby would belong to someone else, so we wouldn’t be related at all.

I think that my mom is being very selfless by doing this surrogacy. We met the surrogate parents, and we loved them. They were great parents with 4 kids already.