Before we go any further: It’s time to introduce the cast of characters in this production. And really what characters they are.

Ok, WE are. Because I’m in this rogue’s gallery too.

So let’s start at the top, with the person who has brought us all together in this place and time.

I call her the Blog Heroine. She is variously known as wife, mom, corresponding sister to her far flung brothers and sisters, and of course the Fabric Goddess of Bucks County — that’s her side business.

And that’s the first thing you would notice about her. She takes on many roles in this life. And does an amazing job in mastering them all. You’ll learn much much more about her as this blog goes on but this is the time and place to place some words that might not otherwise be said here.

Suffice to say that she’s my one and only. Married for 17+ years, we’ve had more than the usual number of ups and downs in our lives together. And a few twists and turns thrown in. But we’ve always hung fast to this roller coaster and that’s probably the thing I most admire about her. Her steely determination to make things work.

I’ve had the fortune to have met/worked with/learned about very driven people. Count Michelle in this group. She has an absolute fierce desire to succeed, not just survive. Not in an ‘at any cost, cut throat way’ you might associate with that phrase. But more in terms of doing things the right way. Hard work. Consistent effort.

And then there’s that stubborn streak. Like a dog sinking his teeth into a bone and never, ever letting go. In a good way, if that’s possible. Never being satisfied until something is done to her liking. Her standards. This quality is one of the reasons we’re here today, me writing and you reading.

Her IPs — uh, that’s Intended Parents in Surrogacy lingo, the folks who are wanting/getting the kid — really have no idea just yet how lucky they were to find Michelle as a partner. They will. Very soon I’m sure. In fact I’m sure they already have an inkling.

So here’s what was going through Michelle’s head when that fateful Sunday morning broadcast played…..

I remember around the time I was thinking a lot about getting old. The years seem to be going by so quickly, and I have had a problem accepting that notion, the notion of being old, getting older. I just can’t see myself in that way. I still feel so young, even if my face is showing the world my true age.

I have often thought that by having another child would help me cling to my youth just a little longer. Not a good enough reason to get pregnant of course but it had crossed my mind. I had experienced great pregnancies and all the memories came flooding back whenever I toy with the idea of getting pregnant again.

Plus I loved being a stay at home mom. I could never accept a latch key kid kind of thing.

But now I’m onto new things. I’m working from home full time and building a very promising business, so having another child is not in the cards for me. And I know it wasn’t in Steven’s mind either.

So it made me sad to think that chapter in my life was over. I was thinking at that moment how old I suddenly felt and how that whole time in my life seemed over.

Then I saw the Sunday Morning program and my whole attitude changed. I thought of only one thing: I can have it all.

This is an opportunity to go through pregnancy again without the long term responsibilty of raising another child.

And a way to give the gift of life to someone who cannot otherwise have a child of thier own. For me, it was just the perfect solution. So within the next couple of days I started making some phone calls…..

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