It’s the first decision every parent has to make. What’s the baby’s name?

This new blog is my baby. So I have to name it. And, appropriately enough, this blog is ABOUT a baby. Or two. That’s coming in the future.

More about that later. And more about the purpose, scope and goals of this blog.

For now, it just needs a name. A handle. So I put my big 50,000 megawatt marketing brain on high power thinking and pondered.

Here’s my short list:

BabyGarage. My early favorite. Said it all with one camelbacked word. Different. But: Blog Heroine, better known as my wife Michelle, the surrogate-to-be shook her head: no.

Her bun. My oven. Same reaction, although head shake was a little more bewildered. I like it; I’ll use it somewhere else.

BabyMaker. Ugh. Sounds like a porno, or the life and times of an ex-NBA star.

Like an organ transplant. A whole bunch of them. All in one little bundle. Except that you’re not dead. Plus, you get to spread a little joy. Wordy, but descriptive. But can I get the .com of that name? Doubt it.

Baby Bump. Huh? OK, I was getting desperate.

Baby Farmer. Why do I imagine little baby heads popping up out of the soil? No.

BabyHarvest. Even creepier.

Baby Momma. Oh. Taken.

Octomom minus 7 brats. Really desperate now.

GuestWomb. Yes. Short and catchy. Perfect description of what’s going on. And now the real litmus test. I read it to Michelle.

Blog heroine chuckled; I took that for a big thumbs up.

GuestWomb it is.